Steve grew up in Northern California with

hunting and fishing as a main part of his

family life. While fresh water fly fishing

was already a part of his outdoor

activities, it wasn't until 1997 that he

discovered Saltwater Fly Fishing. From

this point on Steve has never looked back.

He has set 18 IGFA Saltwater Fly Fishing

World Records From Albacore Tuna to

Roosterfish, has taught various fly tying

classes and has participated in many Fly

Fishing Tournaments. His passion for the

outdoors turned his passion for

photography and writing into a way of enhancing his

enjoyment of both activities....

Some of his work can be seen in Fly Fishing

in Saltwaters, Fly Fisherman, Salt Water

Sportsman, Fly Fish Amerca as well as

Marlin Magazine.